Year Opponents Round Game Date Highlight


Toronto Chicago 15-Apr-62



Montreal Toronto Final Game 3



Boston Toronto 2-Jan-68



Boston Toronto 26-Oct-68



Oakland Toronto 7-Feb-70



Toronto Vancouver Nov-70

Toronto NY Rangers Quarter Game 2 8-Apr-71 Parent Loses mask during brawl



Chicago Boston 24-Jan-74 Orr gets tossed from game



Philadelphia Toronto Quarter Game 4 Dupont scores in O/T



Boston Toronto Mar-78 After Maloney trade

Chicago Montreal Nov-78

Toronto Los Angeles Prelim Game 3 Apr-78

Toronto NY Islanders Quarter Game 7 Lanny scores in O/T



Boston Montreal Semi Game 6 10-May-79 Too many men

Toronto Atlanta Prelim Game 1 Massive Brawl



Hartford Toronto 31-Oct-79 Keon, Howe return to the Gardens

Edmonton Toronto Early Gretzky

Minnesota Toronto Quarter Game 3



Colorado Toronto Lanny returns to Gardens



Quebec Montreal Quarter Game 6 20-Apr-84 Massive Brawl

NY Islanders Edmonton Final Game 7 19-May-84 Cup Winner - First for Oilers



Boston Toronto 15-Dec-84 Partial Game, Vaive/O'Rielly, Bourque/Frycer

Edmonton Philadelphia Final Game 5 (Classic Sports)



Calgary Edmonton Game 7 Steve Smith scores in own net (Classic Sports)

Calgary St Louis Game 7 Doug Wickenheiser scores winner (Classic Sports)



St Louis Toronto



Chicago Toronto 23-Dec-90 Savard/Leeman Brawl

Winnipeg Toronto 17-Mar-90

Boston Montreal Partial Game

Boston Toronto Partial Game

Edmonton Chicago Semi Game 6 12-May-90



Toronto Montreal 23-Oct-91

Chicago Toronto 16-Nov-91

Pittsburgh Toronto 14-Mar-92 Mario’s 400th Goal

Chicago Pittsburgh Final Game 1 26-May-92 Amazing comeback goals by Lemieux and Jagr

Pittsburgh Chicago Final Game 3 28-May-92

Pittsburgh Chicago Final Game 4 1-Jun-92 Cup Winner




Montreal Toronto Potvin's first shutout

Hartford Toronto

Detroit Toronto

Philadelphia Quebec Eric's first trip to Quebec (missing last 5 min)

Toronto Calgary 10-Oct-92

Toronto Detroit Prelim Game 7 1-May-93 Series Winner - Borchevsky in O/T

St Louis Toronto Quarter Game 7 15-May-93 Series Winner

Toronto Los Angeles Semi Game 6 27-May-93 Hat Trick by Wendell Clark

Los Angeles Toronto Semi Game 7 29-May-93 Series Winner




Philadelphia Toronto 6-Nov-93

Montreal Toronto 26-Feb-94

Chicago Toronto Prelim Game 1 18-Apr-94

Chicago Toronto Prelim Game 2 20-Apr-94

Toronto Chicago Prelim Game 3 23-Apr-94

Toronto Chicago Prelim Game 4 24-Apr-94

Chicago Toronto Prelim Game 5 26-Apr-94

Toronto Chicago Prelim Game 6 28-Apr-94 Series Winner

San Jose Toronto Quarter Game 1 2-May-94

San Jose Toronto Quarter Game 2 4-May-94

Toronto San Jose Quarter Game 3 6-May-94

Toronto San Jose Quarter Game 4 8-May-94

Toronto San Jose Quarter Game 5 10-May-94

San Jose Toronto Quarter Game 6 12-May-94

San Jose Toronto Quarter Game 7 14-May-94 Series Winner

Vancouver Toronto Semi Game 1 16-May-94

Vancouver Toronto Semi Game 2 18-May-94

Toronto Vancouver Semi Game 3 20-May-94

Toronto Vancouver Semi Game 4 22-May-94

Toronto Vancouver Semi Game 5 24-May-94 Series Winner

NY Rangers Vancouver Final Game 4 7-Jun-94

Vancouver NY Rangers Final Game 7 14-Jun-94 Cup Winner



Quebec Boston Feb-2-95

Toronto Vancouver

Winnipeg Toronto

Boston Buffalo

Toronto Los Angeles

San Jose Toronto

NY Rangers Quebec Prelim Game 5

New Jersey Boston Prelim Game 5

Vancouver Chicago Quarter Game 1

Vancouver Chicago Quarter Game 2

Vancouver Chicago Quarter Game 3

Chicago Detroit Semi Game 1

New Jersey Philadelphia Semi Game 1

Chicago Detroit Semi Game 3



Detroit Vancouver

NY Islanders Toronto

Toronto Montreal

Edmonton Toronto

Toronto Buffalo

Colorado Toronto

Toronto Anaheim

Dallas Montreal Last Forum Game

St Louis Toronto Prelim Game 2

Colorado Florida Final Game 3



Pittsburgh Toronto Dec-23-96

Toronto Montreal Mar-1-97

Philadelphia Toronto Mar-19-97

Montreal New Jersey Prelim Game 1

Montreal New Jersey Prelim Game 5 Broduer Scores (French Broadcast)

Dallas Edmonton Prelim Game 3 Partial Game - Amazing comeback (Missing O/T)

Edmonton Dallas Prelim Game 7 Partial Game - Series Winner - Marchant in O/T

NY Rangers Florida Prelim Game 5

Philadelphia Pittsburgh Prelim Game 4

Pittsburgh Philadelphia Prelim Game 5 Series Winner - Mario's Last Game

Buffalo Ottawa Prelim Game 7 Series Winner - In O/T

Philadelphia Buffalo Quarter Game 1

Philadelphia Buffalo Quarter Game 5

Colorado Edmonton Quarter Game 3

New Jersey NY Rangers Quarter Game 3

New Jersey NY Rangers Quarter Game 4

NY Rangers New Jersey Quarter Game 5

Edmonton Colorado Quarter Game 5

NY Rangers Philadelphia Semi Game 2

Philadelphia NY Rangers Semi Game 3

Philadelphia NY Rangers Semi Game 4

NY Rangers Philadelphia Semi Game 5

Colorado Detroit Semi Game 4

Detroit Colorado Semi Game 5

Colorado Detroit Semi Game 6

Detroit Philadelphia Final Game 1

Detroit Philadelphia Final Game 2

Philadelphia Detroit Final Game 3

Philadelphia Detroit Final Game 4 Cup Winner



Detroit Toronto Oct-13-97

NY Rangers Vancouver Oct-11-97

Edmonton Philadelphia Nov-6-97

Chicago Toronto Nov-11-97

Montreal Toronto Feb-28-98

Ottawa Vancouver Feb-28-98

NY Islanders Toronto Mar-28-98

Washington Vancouver Mar-28-98

Chicago Toronto Apr-15-98

Boston Pittsburgh Apr-15-98

Edmonton Colorado Round 1 Game 2

Edmonton Colorado Round 1 Game 7 Series Winner

New Jersey Ottawa Round 1 Game 6 Series Winner

St Louis Los Angeles Round 1 Game 4 Series Winner

Buffalo Philadelphia Round 1 Game 5 Series Winner

Detroit Phoenix Round 1 Game 6 Series Winner

Pittsburgh Montreal Round 1 Game 6 Series Winner

Buffalo Montreal Round 2 Game 3

St Louis Detroit Round 2 Game 5

Buffalo Washington Round 3 Game 2

Buffalo Washington Round 3 Game 5

Washington Buffalo Round 3 Game 6 Series Winner

Detroit Dallas Round 3 Game 2

Dallas Detroit Round 3 Game 6 Series Winner

Washington Detroit Final Game 2



Detroit Toronto Oct-10-98

Toronto Philadelphia

Toronto Calgary Oct-16-98

Toronto Detroit Oct-23-98

Toronto Pittsburgh Oct-24-98

Edmonton Colorado Oct-24-98 Tons of scraps

Toronto Buffalo Domi/Ray twice

Buffalo Toronto Barnaby/King twice

Colorado Toronto 6 man brawl

NY Rangers Toronto Nov-7-99

Toronto Chicago Nov-10-98

Vancouver Toronto

Toronto Montreal Dec-5-98 Comeback O/T victory

Phoenix Toronto Dec-15-98

NY Rangers Toronto Dec-19-98 Gretkzy's last at MLG

Tampa Bay Toronto Jan-5-99 Wendell's last at MLG

Chicago Toronto Feb-13-99 Last MLG Game (2 copies)

Toronto Buffalo Feb-15-99

Montreal Toronto Feb-20-99 First ACC Game

Pittsburgh Detroit Apr-7/99 Wendell traded to the Wings

Toronto Vancouver

Vancouver Colorado 8 scraps

Philadelphia Detroit Mar-99

Pittsburgh NY Rangers Apr-99 Wayne's Last Game

Philadelphia Toronto Round 1 Game 5

Pittsburgh Toronto Round 2 Game 5

Colorado Dallas Round 3 Game 5

Dallas Buffalo Final Game 6 Series Winner (10:00 into 1st O/T)



NY Rangers Edmonton 1-Oct-99 Gretzky Tribute before game

Toronto Chicago Oct-99



1975 Red Army Montreal 31-Dec-75 Exhibition

1994 Gretzky 99 Jokerit Exhibition

1996 Canada Sweden Semi World Cup

1996 Canada USA World Cup

1996 Canada Russia World Cup

1996 Canada USA Final Game 2 World Cup

1996 Canada USA Final Game 3 World Cup




1971 National American All-Star

1972 Cincinnati Oakland World Series Game 4 TSN Classic Games

1975 Boston Cincinnati World Series Game 3 TSN Classic Games

1992 Toronto Oakland Div Cham’p Game 6 14-Oct-92 Amazing Comeback Victory

1992 Toronto Atlanta World Series Game 3

1992 Toronto Atlanta World Series Game 6

1993 Philadelphia Toronto World Series Game 6 Series Winner

1997 Chicago W/Sox Toronto 2-Apr-97 Clemens first Jay Game

1998 Anaheim Toronto 17-Aug-98

1998 Chicago St Louis McGwire’s 62nd Homer

1998 NY Yankees San Diego World Series Game 4 Series Winner

1999 Chicago W/Sox Toronto 18-Sep-99




Wanted (prefer very good to excellent picture quality)




70-74 Baltimore Orioles

 70-77 Cincinnati Reds - any game


70’s-80’s Toronto Maple Leafs


1969-Apr-2 Toronto at Boston

1970-Feb-1 Toronto at Boston

1971-Jan-2 Detroit at Toronto