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NOW.....please play CLOSE attention... ...if your GAME LIST and/or your URL changes.

Simply mail me the URL and the only thing that will change on my page is the tag reference to the URL. I am NOT responsible for the contents in those links. Likewise, if you don't have a webpage but want to mail me an unformatted/modified text output of your list, please mail me the ENTIRE list and I'll convert it into text, replacing the list that's already here if it exists. I won't do any editing of lists, but I'd be happy to overwrite an existing list with the one that you send me.

Also, if you prefer to have your list formatted in MS-Word, that's fine, however keep in mind that the formatting may not appear as neatly you would prefer, depending on the configuration of the site visitor's browser. Please note...I don't have time to format the text to make it look neat! ;-) I only link what you send me, nothing less...nothing more!

By having your name and game list appear on this page, you endorse the fact that I'm not responsible for the contents on your game list, or any copyright infringements that may arise from any transactions that take place therein. I'm only responsible for my games, listed on my list.

Glad to meet everyone and I look forward to making some trades!

Dave Dillman
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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